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Our members are drawn from all sectors of the Korean business community, but we all share some common values.

The Republic of Korea has undergone cycles of transformation since the end of the Korean war. From Industrialization to modernization, to now a focus on delivering the best aspects of future technology. KBLA members are part of this latest transformation and want to share their knowledge.

Yes, we Even though we compete every day in business, and that’s the way it should be. However, there is also a time and place for sharing our learnings and gaining insight from each other. KBLA members are keen to share their insights and passionate about learning.

As the pace of changes continues to increase, it is becoming more difficult to know who to listen. KBLA members want to share the best ideas with people eager to learn.

The KBLA Team

Rod Rothwell


Rod Rothwell has been in Korea for twenty five years. He is Co-Chair at KBLA as well as teaching Business Studies at George Mason University Korea. During his time in Korea Rod has moved between working in the business community and academic roles. His first role after graduate school was at KAIST MBA, while at KAIST Rod took on the role of Executive Director atAustCham Korea. This was a very interesting time as it was in the period just before the Korea-Australia FTA, then after a brief period working in Daegu for the Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone he moved to Samsung SDS as a team leader on the Strategic Marketing Team. While at SDS, he began teaching at the Sungkyunkwan MBA. In 2021, he is also beginning a new role at George Mason University, Korea Campus as a business term instructor. Rod’s passion for KBLA is that he wants to create Korea’s premier business community. with koreabizcast as our flagship media he hopes to generate important conversations about the wonderful things that people are doing in Korea.

양혜원 Hailey Yang


Hailey is CEO and founder of ORANG&ORANG, business development and project planning company through ‘connection’ and ‘branding’. She is also working for Invest in Grenoble-Alpes, France as a Director. Prior to founding ORANG&ORANG Hailey had a career of five years in country manager position within Yole Développement, the worldwide market research, technology and strategy consulting company. Through her background Hailey has developed a keen understanding of technology and markets, she has strong history in business matching between tech-based companies. Through her background and worldwide networking, she leads G2G and B2B projects and develops creative projects.

Alex Jensen


Alex has been a broadcaster for nearly two decades, working additionally as a communications consultant with some of Korea’s most important businesses in recent years. His radio career began with LBC in the UK before he added TV to his resume with ESPN. Having covered news and sports extensively from London, Alex moved to Seoul in 2010 to broadcast current affairs as a TV/radio host for local media outlets such as Yonhap News Agency and act as a Seoul-based reporter for global outlets including CBS News, BBC, ITV, and Sky News. Building on his work with Insight Communications Consultants, Alex sees tremendous potential in koreabizcast and the KBLA to interact more fully with a wide community showing a strong desire to connect and succeed.

The Benefits of KBLA Membership

Your network is your net worth. Build your network through online and offline events. KBLA members are eager to meet you, listen your ideas and share opportunities with you.

Those who learn everyday, will earn everyday. KBLA provides the best in learning through our koreabizcast, as well as regular updates from member companies about what is going on in Korea.

If you have an event that you want to publicize, leverage and our social media network to get your message out to as many people as possible.

Our members include hotels, restaurants, wine suppliers and others that make living the dolche vita just a little easier and affordable.

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