Alex Jensen talks to two passionate business executives who have experienced multiple cultures have diverse backgrounds, but now called Korea home. Firstly he talks with Ben Morris CEO of WeCrest, an AI-based company helping IP attorneys worldwide connect with their customers at exactly the right moment. They discuss how IP is a weapon in business and among nations. Then Alex talks with Chea Srun, CEO of XQuant. Despite a very successful career as a trader, Chea is now building apps for the finance industry. A lifelong coder, Chea shares how he fused his new career with his childhood passion.

Alex then talks with Sarah Jung CMO of Argos Vision, who gives us a wonderful insight into how robot vision and robot eyes are coming closer and closer to human capabilities. Sarah also talks about how the face of Korean business is changing. As larger corporations look towards smaller, more nimble companies who can deliver solutions tailored-made.

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Published On: October 6, 2021 / Categories: koreabizcast /