Innovation and diversity in Korean Business.

Today’s guests, John Walker AM and Julia Mellor are two innovative business leaders. Although they work in different fields, their drive and leadership shows how much the Korean business environment is diversifying. 

John Walker talking

Alex talks with John Walker AM, Chairman of Eastpoint Partners Asia . The first order of business is to announce that Eastpoint are the newest sponsors of koreabizacast. We thank him and his team for their support. 

Alex and John talk about Eastpoint Partners role in developing projects across Asia, as well as his role in Deputy Chairman of the Australia Korea Business Council which is having its 42nd Joint Meeting this week in Seoul. The AKBC meeting is happening at a key time for Australia and Korea. It is imperative for both economies that they discuss the opportunities for Australian industry and Korean industry to cooperate in areas such as, energy transition, sustainable technologies, and particularly the importing of green hydrogen, to Korea, which can be made in huge volumes in Australia. The AKBC Joint Meeting will also have sessions on critical minerals, infrastructure, agribusiness, e-commerce, health & bio and defense collaboration. 

Alex then talks with Julia Mellor, Korean Traditional Alcohol Specialist & Director of The Sool Company The world’s leading resource for Korean alcohol education, events & consulting in English.

photo of Julia brewing Makeolli

Alex and Julia discuss how she is changing both Koreans’ and expats’ views of traditional Korean alcohol one cup at a time. She traces her journey from the regular soju, beer and somek  experience that almost everyone has in Korea, to the wonderful regional diversity that exists especially makgeolli. Her business, The Sool Company conducts a wide range of events that help people learn more about makgeolli. Tastings, brewing experiences, site visits, almost every way possible to show people how to enjoy themselves in the world of traditional Korean alcohol. 

They also talk about how she had to pivot her business as a result of the pandemic. and now as she prepares for a return to normal, how she is ramping up for 2022.

 Today’s episode is brought to you by our newest sponsor Eastpoint Partners Ltd.

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