Resilience as a keystone of mental health & organizational health through cybersecurity

Alex talks resilience  with Ian Matthews, Founder of Zenbok, personal wellness and self-care about the surprisingly real sources of stress in the workplace, and then with Hailey Yang CEO of Orang&Orang  who is helping Koreans and Korean companies prepare for the post pandemic life in her own way.

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Alex and Ian begin by talking about what is really happening to us when we know we are getting angry, and yet we can’t stop it. Ian breaks down what emotional hijack means. Ian then goes into his definition of resilience and how his definition may be different from the one you are expecting.

Ian and Alex then discuss the major sources of stress at workplaces, a major new study has found that its not the pandemic, nor the pace of change, it’s actually something much much closer to us. Ian shares his own personal story of how he came to reduce his monkey mind moments and begin to build resilience one thought at a time.  Ian then really deep dives into building the habits we all need to develop, the tremendous impact of even five minutes of self-care can have on a day, as well as his Mind Gym program.

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Alex then talks with Hailey Yang, who apart from helping young Koreans improve themselves while also helping Korean companies protect themselves against hacking and DDos attacks. Firstly, Alex and Hailey talk about the project she is leading to SUNY Albany campus this winter. The purpose of the program is to help Koreans gain knowledge and skills in cyber-security. The five-week program is an impactful opportunity for anyone considering a career in the field. Hailey then talks more about her own background as an international student and how she is leveraging that experience to help not only Korean students going abroad, but also foreign students looking to get a working foothold in Korea after they have finished their studies.

Orang & Orang

Hailey shares a story from her own experience as an exchange student that imprinted upon her the desire to help students avoid the kind of negative experiences she had.

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