Alex Jensen talks with two leaders about how the leadership of their companies changed in face of adversity. Lukas Beech, Partner and Head of the Korea Office of August Leadership and Rob Wilkinson, Managing Director of Colliers International Korea.

The legendary leader and basketball coach, John Wooden once said that, ‘Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.’ Over the past two years leaders in all organizations have faced change, many leaders and organizations have been overwhelmed by the amount of change required and succumbed. Hertz, Brooks Brothers, J.C. Penny and Muji are part of a long list of the large corporations that closed as a result of COVID.

Today as a new round of change faces them, Alex talked to two leaders on how their organization reacted to the pandemic, and now how they are assessing which of those changes to keep and which to but back in the cupboard as we reopen and return to a new normal.

Lukas is a twenty-year veteran of Korea. He has been involved in Executive Search and Talent Recruitment for much of that time, he has a diverse, growing up in New Zealand, but with strong German roots he has established himself as a core member of the expat community.

Rob Wilkinson will celebrate his two-year anniversary in leading Colliers International in Korea next January. In those two years Rob has worked to build his office, and expand his business, He has also contributed to both the American and British Chambers of Commerce by sitting on various Boards and Committees.

Both leaders describe how they initially reacted to the adverse business conditions of Q1 2019, how they communicated with their head offices, their staff and their clients in new and unproven ways. As COVID settled in, they both adapted to the new normal and built the systems needed.

They both now are looking towards the reopening strategically. By and large, people still want to work in an office, but not every day. There is a declining need to be visibly busy in an office as businesses become more results orientated.

Leadership in adversity is the true test of a leader.

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