Alex talks with two very culturally diverse leaders

Firstly, he talks with Fama Ndiaye Co-Founder at KbeautyFest Global and CEO of Kworld Media. Fama has made it her mission to push the Korean beauty to forge a new path of inclusion away from previously limited definitions of beauty and skin care. Secondly, Alex talks with Ryan Gossel, CEO and founder of The Camarata Music Company and Chief Conductor of the Camarata Choir.

Fama Ndiaye was studying in New York when her friends first introduced her to Korean dramas, one of her reactions was, ‘Oh my god, these women and men having amazing skins.’ This led to her investigating Korea town, New York in search of Korean beauty products. She learned about the 10-step Korean beauty regimes and was not put off by the lack of inclusive products or lack of diversity.

kworld media diversity

Instead, she turned it around, ‘These products are amazing, I want everyone to get an experience to experience them.’

Since then, she has sought to bring Korean culture and beauty products to the widest audience possible by intertwining them in her companies and projects.

Alex’s second guest today is Ryan Gossel, a founding member of the KBLA and a driving force of music and live entertainment in Seoul. In autumn 2009, Ryan wanted to gather a few people together to sing Christmas Carols. He received over 50 responses from people eager to join, with this interest and his own passion the first production of Camarata Music Company was Handel’s Messiah on December 19 2009.

Camarata Choir

For almost 10 years Ryan passionately expanded the scale of productions and the breadth of the company. He added musical theatre, chamber singing and a youth choir to the company. The choir’s productions grew and have performed over 300 times musical pieces such as Fauré Requiem, Duruflé Requiem, Mendelssohn Elijah, Mozart’s Requiem Beethoven Mass in C Major, and Schubert’s Mass amongst many others.

Ryan opened a live venue, The Studio in Haebangcheon just before the pandemic, and he discusses the challenges with Alex.

But Camarata is back with A Camarata Christmas Concert”, held in the auditorium at Dwight School Seoul.  Tickets available at:, or at:
Camarata Christmas Choir Invitation
We look forward to seeing you at the concert!

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