Listen carefully to today’s master bartender Keith Motsi’s description of his, ‘Bishop’ cocktail and win 2 KRW100,000 vouchers to the Boccalino Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Seoul. (The description begins at 16:55) Once you know the ingredients, send us a direct message via LinkedIn, Instagram or drop us an email at
Alex Jensen, and the rest of the KBLA team, met Keith. the Head Bartender at the award winning Charles H bar in the lower lobby of the Four Season Seoul. It is a speakeasy, so you’ll have to find the door by yourself.

In an elegant side room, Alex and Keith discussed with Hailey Yang their love of cocktails, the flavors associated with festive spirits, and what it takes to become a master bartender.

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Keith shares with Alex, the best way to indulge your passion making cocktails, start simple, start with friends and family, and if they like what you do, try a part-time gig. This is what Kieth did as he moved from his hometown of Leeds, in Yorkshire England down south to London, where despite studying architecture, he managed to take his mixing skills as well as his hosting skills to the next level. Keith recounts his experiences learning his trade in what he describes as a five-star dive bar.

But Charles H is something else, named after the legendary bon vivant, barman and writer is a very different experienced. Design to bring back the ambience of a prohibition-era New York bar, the focus is on fantastic service, creative cocktails and a wonderful experience.

The first cocktail that Keith shared was a twist on the festive staple, an eggnog. He makes this one with cognac, chai tea, Italian Amaro Montenegro, some custard cream and some spices on top.

Hailey Yang’s comments of this eggnog was that it felt like Christmas.

The second cocktail that Keith shared was, The Bishop. An Old-Fashioned inspired drink.

Please listen carefully to Keith’s description and send it to us via direct message at LinkedIn for a chance to wine two KRW100,000 dinner vouchers at Boccalino Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Seoul. (The description begins at 16:55)

The final cocktail that Keith shared was an extremely festive Manhattan, a rye whiskey, with sweet Vermouth and a truffle hydrosol, with a wonderful white chocolate and truffle garnish on top of a square ice.

Keith wraps up this festive excursion by letting everyone know that from November 22, the Charles H at the Four Seasons will have special holiday season menu with slightly more indulgent drinks for you, family and friends.  

Today’s Episode was brought to you by the Four Seasons Seoul. Stylish elegance in the heart of the city. 

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