The Korean gaming industry a $12.9 billion dollar giant, on the cusp of change, where is it headed?

Jared Bruhn and John Doran speak to Alex about the state of the $12.9 billion-dollar Korean gaming industry as well as how they are preparing young Koreans to enter the industry as a career. Jared Bruhn is an Assistant Professor at the George Mason Korea, he teaches courses that cover game design, game history and online and mobile game production. John Doran is an instructor at George Mason Korea. He is a passionate technical game designer, software engineer and author. They begin the conversation discussing what it takes to become a game designer. Yes, a passion for games is required, but what is it that separates a passion player, from an effective designer. This highly competitive world is not a casual career choice. Prospective designers need to get a solid understanding of the demands of skills required in game design.

They then talk about what its like to be a part of such a massive industry with so many titles competing head-to-head. Young designers are often passionate about a particular kind of game that might not be in fashion at the moment, how do they balance a need to be creative and have ownership, while also delivering the public what they want. In building these skills, Mason Korea has developed a Computer Game Design BFA. This program has just begun to be offered at the Mason Korea campus, but it is well established at the main campus in Fairfax Virginia.Students at Mason Korea spend 3-years getting to know the rigors of the career, the kinds of programming skills they’ll need as well as the skills they will need in art, design and writing. The course features a strong group focus, with many group projects that enhance communication and leadership skills as well.

As a way to spot talent, Mason Korea is supporting a progress@play exhibition at Square One in Songdo. It is open to High School students. They are challenged to come up with game ideas & designs around questions such as: how can we have better education? How can we talk about health and wellness? And how can we talk about climate action?

Then John and Jared share their views on metaverse, hype, solutionism, or a valid XR experience, or perhaps a mix of all. Where do NFTs fit into game design in the future, where item stores are already so common.

They wrap up the interview sharing their insights into the future of games and gaming, new game types, new application of gaming development skills, new gaming demographics.

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