Steve Jobs once said that the only way to do great work was to love what you do. Lewis Patterson and MinGu Jun are real life examples of that.

Both of them are committed to helping businesses thrive in the circular economy. Their vehicle is the Korean chapter of Sustainable Brands (SB), a global community of business innovators that share ideas and create connections while helping to create a sustainable economy.

Lewis and Mingu were surprised when they approached Korean companies about creating a SB conference in Seoul. They found a real desire to showcase ideas, build connections and adopt best practices. The first conference in 2016 was focused on sustainable packaging, and from there is grew to a much wider view of sustainability.

While there are many conferences in Seoul, the advantage of working with a platform like SB is that Korean companies are able to build global links. There have been some major successes built around the connections formed at SB Seoul.

Alex, MinGu and Lewis also discuss the current status of the circular economy in Korea. Lewis is quick to point out they although high-profile, plastic packaging is not the high-value target. Instead he suggests that designing closed-loop systems is where the real value is.

This is where SB has real value, they offer their members a Brand Transformational Roadmap, a tool to for companies to use across their entire business: Operations, SCM, production, service and governance.

The conversation then moves on to greenwashing, a term used to describe companies that don’t walk their talk when it comes sustainability. This is a hot topic, and it runs into the other killer buzzword for 2021, ESG, although in Korea the G seems to be the focus in ESG, there is a growing sense of building a pathway for a company to become more sustainable.

All of the topics and more will be discussed at the SB Seoul Conference which will be held as a hybrid conference February 24-25 find out more at

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