Koreabizcast’s Choi Kyungmi analyzes the current state of the #Korean #Presidentialelection with just 100 days to go. Then Rod Rothwell discusses the #koreabizcast as it approaches some key first #milestones.

Unlike previous elections, this one is way too close to call. Previously with three months to go there have been clear frontrunners. But in 2021, nothing is normal. Some polls have #opposition candidate #YoonSeokYoul as far as 9.4% ahead, while other polls have it within the margin or error. What we know for sure is that Lee Myoung Jae has a fight on his hands.

Both candidates are now facing prosecutorial probes for past transgressions. And it seems that the general public is despondent at their options, perhaps this is a key reason for that lack of a definite frontrunner.

The second interview is with Rod Rothwell, KBLA CoChair. Alex and Rod segue from talking about the poll closeness to the technology used by pollsters to the KBLA and koreabizcast.

What Rod wants is a candidate that will continue to support the growing diversity of business that the KBLA and koreabizcast are committed to showcasing.

The KBLA is fast approaching 50 episodes and 3,000 downloads. A great achievement in two and a half months. This has been driven by a new community of people wanting to find out more about business in Korea, and of people wanting to share their stories.

KBLA and koreabizcast would like to thank everyone who has joined our community so far. From next week we will be opening membership and look forward to hearing from as many people as possible.

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