Dr. Martin Henklemann has only been in situ as President and CEO of the AHK Korea, (German Chamber of Commerce in Korea) for 8 months, but he brings a wealth of experience in international trade and cooperation. He inherits a strong legacy of cooperation between Korea and German, both well known for their strong manufacturing, bioscience, drive for innovation and outstanding work ethic.

Alex and Martin discuss the recent Innovation Awards hosted by AHK Korea. Winners came from all sectors and included Kakao Enterprises. dSPACE Henkel Korea, and Proglove. Its great to see the chamber recognize these innovative companies and showcase them to a wider audience. On a lighter note, Alex and Martin share their love of football, with Alex being a passionate Crystal Palace supporter, and Martin supporting his hometown team of Monchengladbach, both unfortunately suffering from an empty trophy cabinet. If Korea is able to open up in 2022, both hope to attend K-League game sin person.

The role of AHK Korea is probably well known to koreabizcast listeners, but it might not be known that it is actually the second largest foreign chamber in Korea. Adding to this strength in numbers, is strength in brand power with household name such as Deutsche Bank, BMW, Benz, Porsche, Miele, as well as powerful B2B brands such as Merck, BASF and Daimler Trucks. This was evidenced last week at the Seoul #mobility Show where German car brands were well represented.

Martin wraps up by looking at how the Korea-German partnership may evolve in the future away from the heavy manufacturing focus of previous times to industries such as biotechnology, aged care and autonomous driving.

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Published On: December 2, 2021 / Categories: koreabizcast /