Ian Matthews Founder of Zenbok talks with Alex about #welltech, technology based in mobile phones and other #wearables to keep track of your heart rate and other bio-essential data.

Although not an automatic #technophile, Ian discusses with Alex how he uses #welltech as a personal wellness and self-care coach.

Ian in fact took a 20-year sabbatical from technology before being approached to help develop wellness mobile app. From this experience he began exploring how far welltech had come.

Not just for basic devices such as #Fitbit and other cardio devices, but also apps that help with breathing better, oxygen levels, improved mental health, correcting posture and monitoring other vital #biorhythms.

Ian lives in the real world, he knows that constant self-monitoring can cause its own stress, so he lets us know that periodic, even monthly monitoring of key indices like heart rate variability (HRV) can be enormously helpful.

For those new to the idea of health coaching, Ian breaks it down. Health Coaching is so much about just awareness, giving people that awareness, and then nowadays, welltech can gently nudge people into healthier habits such as morning exercise, smaller dinners, and even cold showers.

Balance is key to Ian’s advice to clients, and he balances his wellness advice, mainly focused on the physical side with mental #wellbeing, and #personalcare.

Ian works with his clients to help them learn more about their bodies, and their minds to give them better options, as well as being a trusted accountability partner to help them build healthier habits.

Ian separates the role of #healthcoach from doctor. A doctor treats illness, but a health coaches form deeper and personal relationships with their clients to see what’s really going on with them and how they could be improving.

Ian’s work with clients is great in that it reminds us that the role of technology is to enhance our lives.

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