Mark Patton is a level three Bourbon sommelier. He runs the Korea Bourbon Club, and quite recently his wife Oh Sook Hyun has opened the Whisky Bible near Yongsan Station.

A major reason for Sook Hyun’s decision to open a high-end independent whisky retail shop has been a seismic progression in the way Whiskey is appreciated in Korea. The modern-day image of whiskey that Mark and Sook Hyun want to put top-of-mind is of a sophisticated and fashionable beverage, on equal footing with wines and high-end Korean liquor.

To do this, Mark and Sook Hyun spend a lot of time working with people to improve their noses and palates as well as their whisky vocabulary.

As Mark says, “When you’re doing whiskey, I can image a picture in my head. So, if I drink an Islay, I don’t just stop at ‘smoke’ I some grilled fish cooked over coal briquettes.” Both he and Sook Hyun are also great whisky storytellers. Whether you attend a (virtual) whisky tasting or visit the Whiskey Bible, you can learn the backstory of the whiskeys.

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