An award-winning library to build a love of learning

Dulwich College Seoul’s new Inquiry Hub has just won the prestigious AIA International Region Award.

The award-winning architect, SNU Professor John Hong and Dulwich College Seoul’s Head of Primary, Jane Smith talk with Alex about using space to encourage independent inquiry and a love of books.

The remit given to John was a highly usable space that sold books to young children while also offering spaces to individuals, small groups and classes that they could relax in, research independently and then share ideas.

John’s team came back with a mini city, a place where children felt that they have a sense of agency. An urban interior with various levels, a European tower that is accessible for all ages, abilities and tastes. All of this achieved in a remarkably small space.

John also discusses the process of team design, his previous projects, and his passion for designing libraries.

Jane then discusses how her experiences as a child in Victorian-style libraries in the UK encouraged her to turn her ideas upside-side down when it came to this project. She wanted to vanquish the rows of books and the silence and instead create a joyful experience for children to explore and collaborate.

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Published On: December 13, 2021 / Categories: koreabizcast /