Around 2013, Jason Boutte began wondering, why with all of these delivery apps available in Korea, why he couldn’t get the food he wanted. “Why can’t I get a burrito delivered?” He looked around and wondered if there was an opportunity, or whether he was missing something. After some investigating, he decided to, ‘stop complaining and solve my own problem.’ He began Ynot Takeout with three scooters bought for 300,000 won each and launched his first iteration.

He formed Shuttle in 2016 through merging his company with Bird Riders after his CMO, Mark Boesch helped Jason see a bigger picture, where Shuttle had strengths in customer service, a better selection of must-have restaurants and being known as a bilingual service, Bird Riders strengths were in a wider delivery area, better rider-solutions and a more sophisticated website.

Into their 5th year, Shuttle is well established in Seoul and is also servicing communities in Osan, Pyeongteak, Daegu and Busan with a wider selection of foods than most other delivery apps, and a great CX as well.

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Published On: December 16, 2021 / Categories: koreabizcast /