Since September 10 this year, koreabizcast has put on 59 episodes. In this final episode for 2021, Alex, Hailey, and Rod chat about their favorite episodes, what they feel they have accomplished and what they are looking forward to in 2022.

According to Rod, some themes have emerged over the three and a half months; diversity of business, transition towards a carbon-free economy and the changing face of ‘how’ we do business in Korea.

Hailey highlights the startups she has met during the season, as well as the government that are really motivated to find out more about the startup scene here in Korea. The way that the ecosystem is developing so quickly here, both through domestic programs such as Born2Global and overseas-based programs such as Techstars.

For Alex, it was the chance to not only meet some of the most interesting people in Korea, but also hear what they had to say about their favorite topics. Alex was also amazed at the range of business topics that generated such great conversations on social media and encouraged follow up episodes.

Looking towards 2022, KBLA will take a break now for approximately one month. We aim to back on air on January 24.

Today’s episode was brought to you by The Four Seasons Seoul. Stylish elegance in the very heart of the city.

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