Earlier this year, Oleg Smagin published a Digital Assets 2022 Outlook: South Korea. Summary of 2021 and Predictions for 2022. Alex Jensen spoke to on the key issues surrounding digital asset.

Together they go through some major points of content with regard to digital assets.

  1. The Korean market, with 5.8 million unique traders in Korea, how does Korea rate as an earlier adopter?
  2. What are the key concerns about regulation? Too much, not enough, or the wrong sort?
  3. What is the kimchi premium? Why does it exist?
  4. Is the hype behind NFTs subsiding? Is there really some value there?
  5. How will the NFT gaming market (or play-to-earn) affect the ‘normal’ gaming item shops?
  6. Is NFT merchandise produced by companies like HYBE (BTS’s) management company putting teenagers at risk? Will teenagers even buy an NFT, or will they want the physical item?
Published On: February 16, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /