Creating global sustainable energy investment opportunities for everyone

Alex Jensen Speaks to Johnson Penn, CEO and Founder of EcoLinks a renewable energy project development, financing and asset management platform.

Cameroon-born Johnson cam to Korea in 2017 to study at Handong Global University. While living in Pohang he learnt Korean and began to build a plan for the future.

EcoLinks is aimed at creating a sustainable world where anyone can access clean and reliable energy. In a very convenient way, through EcoLinks, investors can choose the investment amount they want, search for a project that matches their profile and then invest through Paypal, Kakao pay or any of the other major payment services. So far he has developed three projects in Cameroon, two of which are already producing solar energy, and the third is almost fully invested.

EcoLinks mission is to bring clean energy to underprivileged societies and helping them emerge from poverty. They are already seeing really satisfying the end results.

We are looking to get into carbon emission reduction projects, because it’s much more urgent than any other thing right now. We really need to act, to cut down on carbon emissions and promote any form of carbon emission technology.

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Published On: February 17, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /