Craft meats, maybe a new term to some, but George Durham of The Salt House is turning it into a successful business.

Alex Jensen and George discuss the humble beginnings, making bacon in a cardboard box with wood pellets in his studio apartment to a hectic business selling at three retail outlets, online and B2B catering, The Salt House is a story of a dedicated small team taking an idea and seeing how far it can go.

Two great quotes from George.

“I don’t believe in authenticity, we focus on giving people what they want in terms of taste or experience. We don’t care about following the rules. If a traditional French sandwich is a certain way, but Koreans prefer more butter, then we put more butter on the sandwich. we listen to our customers, we adapt and that has driven the popularity.”

“Terms of scaling up, it was very much just learning on the job, honestly. Because the bigger you get, the fewer YouTube tutorials there are really like if you want to make a slab of bacon, in your in your fridge at home, you can you can find it online, it’s very easy. If you want to make two tonnes of ham a week. Those that technique those tricks, they aren’t really shared.”

Published On: February 17, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /