Korean Presidential Election: Less than three weeks to go. With polls within the margin of error, does this weekend’s twist of Ahn Cheol Soo rejection of a joint conservative ticket keep Lee Jae Myung in the game?

Alex Jensen and Choi Kyungmi discuss the latest machinations, polls and possibilities.

With less than three weeks to go Ahn Cheol Soo has ruled out a joint ticket with Yoon Seok Yeol. In an election campaign full of twists, this rejection is not seen as a final refusal. All possibilities still seem possible until February 28, the day the ballot tickets are printed.

Recent polling has conservative candidate Yoon Seok Yeol consistently ahead progressive Lee Jae Myung. However, with Ahn Cheol Soo’s candidature, a joint conservative ticket would enjoy a healthy lead. The candidate himself suggested the idea earlier in the week.

However, after tragedy struck Ahn Cheol Soo’s campaign last week the Ahn appears to change his mind. As most know, the campaign was suspended to mourn the loss of a local campaign chief and a bus driver and visit a second bus driver recovering from a similar accident.

With eighteen days to go, Yoon has a consistent lead in the polls. However, given the recent rises and falls in polling numbers, it seems that this race will be a tight one.

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Published On: February 21, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /