D-9 Korean Presidential Elections: Poll results back within the margin of error as candidates vie over undecided voters, the Ukraine conflict brings diplomacy skills to the fore.

Choi Kyungmi and Alex Jensen begin the penultimate week of the Korean Presidential election.

Lee Jae Myung and Yoon Seok Yeol continue to vie for the undecideds. At the same time there are conflicting reports of the on-again, off-again merger of the two conservative candidates. Yoon’s camp and Ahn Cheol Su’s camp putting out different messages on the state of negotiations.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops brought foreign policy into the election again, with both Lee and Yoon forced to clarify their statements about the conflict.

Historically, up to 30% of Koreans do not choose their candidate until the final week of the campaign. This unpredictable campaign continues to be an extremely tight race, with undecideds now being key to the result.

Published On: February 28, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /