Jacco Zwetsloot and Alex Jensen discuss Yoon Seok Yeol’s election yesterday in the 20th Korean Presidential election. With record participation rates, Yoon has secured 48.56% of the popular vote, leading Lee Jae Myung with 47.83% of the vote. Shim Sang Jung secured 2.37% of the popular votes as well.

Jacco Zwetsloot is a man of many hats. He works for PR firm Insight Communications, North Korea specialist news bureau NK News, and Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, part of the Economist Group. Calling himself a Jacco-of-all-trades, he writes and speaks for a living.

In terms of business, Jacco comments that. “Yun has promised to do away with certain regulations and to streamline business processes. “

Jacco also commented that Yoon has also made campaign promises around renewable energies, and small businesses and startup.  However, we don’t know what he will do now that he is in the position.

The new President also faces the challenges of recovery. Small businesses suffered a lot under the last two years of COVID, especially in the service industries with the curfews at nighttime These people, who are working in the small business and people who are self-employed will be looking to Yoon to support and help rebuild that part of the economy.

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Published On: March 10, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /