John Yoon CEO and Sue Nguyen of SeoulZ talk with Alex Jensen about their brilliant idea of taking content written for Naver and taking it global through Google SEO.

As John says, “ A lot of content is on Naver, all we are doing is repackaging it and making it more Google friendly. This is because if I ask 100 people in the UK or US, do you know what Naver is? I think one may say yes. So, we take this content and make sure it gets maximum exposure on Google.”

Both John and Sue had experienced Korea before, and then left not knowing about the Korean startup scene. Then John came across the wealth of information that lives only in the naververse. He realized that if he could repackage this for global search engines, then he would have something to offer the companies themselves, as well the ecosystem supporting them. SeoulZ was born.

Seoulz has grown into Korea’s leading independent digital media resource covering the latest tech news, events, and trends for the Korean Startup Community.

Their mission is to inform, educate, and connect the global startup community with the Korean startup community. Over the past 5 years they have come to become the place for news about startups in Korea.

Published On: March 11, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /