Hani Oh, founder and Creative Director of Nalda discusses her company, Nalda, artisanal perfume with Alex Jensen.

With a deep back in fashion and branding, Hani has developed a range of perfumes that express her feelings about her homeland.

She created aromas that not only represent these key figures in Korean history, but also scents that those great people might wear. As she says, “When I created our Admiral Lee Sun Shin perfume, people expected a smoky woody, strong aroma, but he wrote a journal every day, so I created an aroma for that part of him. Clean, comfortable to help him relax.  And this aroma also for you, when you came home, relax and you pour yourself a beer. For when you take your time relax, part of a perfect time for you.”

Hani has also created a powerful ecosystem surrounding her products with strong followings on Instagram and Naver that has led to Hani being invited overseas to discuss Korean tastes at international forums.

Published On: March 22, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /