Dr. Roland B Wilson is the Program Coordinator, Professor and faculty advisor for the School for Analysis of Conflict and Resolution at George Mason University’s campus in South Korea. He is also the Peace and Conflict Studies Center Asia (PACSC Asia) Co-director.

Last week he was a panelist at KBLA’s Breakfast Forum on Dispute Resolution. Since first in arriving in Korea in 1984 his career has taken him through the military, government, and now in academia. He consults regularly with both Korean and global organizations on the topic of conflict resolution.

In his discussion with Alex Jensen, Dr. Wilson discusses various aspects of conflict resolution: The impact of power and position, the importance of knowing yourself, the commonalities of all disputes, the role of psychology and sociology in conflicts as well as the importance of culture.

As he says, “Our lack of cultural wisdom can cause many conflicts in business. First of all, how well do you know their culture, not only that country’s culture, but that business’ culture? We have to know the cultural identity of our counterpart in order to build successful business relationships at the individual and at the corporate level as well.

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Published On: March 30, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /