Kie Brooks and his business partner Amir Kamandi come from very different backgrounds, culturally and professionally. Their synergy has produced FastPong a digital Table Tennis training tool. With its instant visual feedback and detailed metrics, FastPong is set to revolutionize Table Tennis for everyone.

Coaching 02 - Kie - FastPong Corp.

Kie, the CTO of FastPong has a strong pedigree in AI with multiple degrees. Amir, CEO has a sports science and Table Tennis champion history. They have produced a product that combines AI, instant feedback, gamification and in-depth metrics.

Kie talks with Alex Jensen about the uniqueness of FastPong. He says, “The power of FastPong is the visual dynamic target. It enables everyone to practice different strategies and get real time feedback, and then later see their metrics. Whether you are a beginner, a club player or a pro, its going to help with your accuracy and your decision making.  This also greatly enhances your enjoyment of the game as can see improvement almost instantly.”

The training benefits could well be superseded however by the entertainment potential. With digitalized sports already well established across Asia, FastPong could well be the next big thing in affordable fun.

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Published On: March 31, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /