Michael Breen CEO at Insight Communications Consultants and Alex Jensen discuss communications and media strategy.

Former oil rig worker and journalist, now author and communications consultant, Michael Breen and his diverse team provide communications strategy advice and execution to both Korean and multinational companies.

This interview looks at PR & Communications from a strategic view, on how companies need to change their messaging style as the world changes. Gone are the days where PR firms were employed mainly to maintain relationships with media outlets and journalists. The constant rotation if journalist beats and the impact of social media now means that the inherent quality of the piece needs to be a major draw. As Michael says, “An overworked reporter isn’t going to visit your website’s PR page. Instead, you need to pull them in with excellent features and interviews with your C-suite people and experts which journalists run as they are or get ideas for stories. This is new, however it will become the norm very soon. “

For more details, check out Michael’s idea in his LinkedIn article Five Ways to Improve Your Media Exposure in Korea

Published On: April 1, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /