Peter Underwood, Managing Partner of IRC Consulting has a wide-ranging conversation with Alex Jensen about his multi-generation connection with Korea, his own younger days in Korea, and finding his calling as a consultant after returning from his MBA.

As Peter says, “I saw that I had a unique position of understanding Korea while having a Western-based education. I could be a bridge between two very divergent cultures. I kind of fell into this profession, and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Peter and Alex also discuss the changing face of Korea and the changing aspirations of young Koreans. Unlike their elder brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, this generation of Koreans less likely to settle and more inclined to forge their own career path, whether that be a K-pop singer or game designer or even violin maker.

In a link to Monday’s episode, Peter and Alex discuss the background to the current Korean zeitgeist. Peter and Alex agree that no one has ever won much money betting against Korea or Koreans ability to adapt to changing circumstances and push on ahead.

This episode is brought to you by The Innovation Center Denmark Seoul Office.

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Published On: April 8, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /