A very special episode of #koreabizcast today, looking at the Ukrainian crisis through the eyes of two international lawyers.

Firstly Ron Parks, Senior Foreign Counsel from Lee & Ko discusses with Alex Jensen from KBLA the crisis from a geopolitical perspective.

Last week, Ron connected KBLA with Timur Bondaryev, Founder and Managing Partner of Arzinger Law Office. Through this connection we are able to hear Timur talk us through, the build up to the invasion, the first few days as well as what the situation is like today.

Timur also talks about the impacts of the invasion upon Korea. As he says, “The Ukraine is strongly connected to Korea through both technology firms such as Samsung with large R&D facilities, but also as breadbasket so many major Korean companies source their food and ingredients. So much so that POSCO has invested in a sea terminal in the south of Ukraine.”

The discussion wraps up with Timur letting us all know how we can help, whether by donating directly or making sure that the politicians representing us know how we feel and continue to put whatever pressure that can to help Ukraine regain its independence.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Innovation Center Denmark, Seoul Office. Creating innovation and business opportunities and build up relations between Korean and Danish R&D intensive companies, research institutes and universities.

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Published On: April 15, 2022 / Categories: koreabizcast /