Even before COVID changed the world, workplace flow and workplace communications were seen as being important. Still major firms relied upon on tools such as Kakao, Line and WhatsApp to organize teams and meet deadlines. This was possible because people were meeting face-to-face every day.

When COVID sent us all home, companies had to either develop their own tools or find a robust solution that was easy to use, secure and could cope with all their demands.

Headquartered in Seoul, Toss Labs In. Developed Jandi a workplace tool suited to the COVID and post-COVID eras.

Alex Jensen talks Jandi with Yang Jinho Head of Business at Toss Labs about the 8-year story of the startup and their flagship solution, Jandi.

Like his solution, Jinho was born in Korea, but grew up across Asia and the Pacific. In 2021, Jandi has more than two million users across 300k teams across APAC. As Jinho says, “pre-COVID, people never imagined having to manage workflow away from the office. But now, it’s vital that communications are omnipresent and instant.”

Although the pandemic pushed Jandi’s growth into overdrive, the post-pandemic world has not slackened the demand. Many firms are not asking their employees to return full-time to the workplace. Many others are using this time as a reset. To evolve their workplaces to become more efficient and more attractive to younger talent.

Companies also know that the MZ generation will not stay at workplaces that are not agile or smart. MZers think every day about employer branding. They demand a reputable corporate culture, simplified work process, with accessibility to information and to decision makers.

As the pace of digitalization continues to increase, companies like Toss Labs and their solutions will continue to be vital.

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