John Walker


Eastpoint, which was established in May 2020 essentially leverages off a strong and trusted network of companies, Governments, investors and individuals to meet client needs. The Chairman, John Walker has been building networks and businesses in Asia for more than 1 years.

Our clients seek very diverse services but our experience to date has been largely around introducing investors to support expanded growth for companies or for establishment of new platforms. The sectors for such activites have largely been in the energy transition and subsectors have ranged from renewable energy infrastructure to new technology.

We have also been advising Government organisations in some developing markets on the best strategies and structures to attract global infrastructure investors to support their critical need for new infrastructure.

Eastpoint has a unique business structure where it works with a coalition of independent partners across the region which allows a highly agile and efficient service for our clients and one which minimizes administrative overheads and therefore costs for our clients. The service is highly personal and comes directly from senior experienced professionals with a broad range of backgrounds and local relationships.

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