Celebrating International Women’s Day with a True Trailblazer

Monica H. Kang and Alex Jensen discuss her career and life with the backdrop of International Women’s Day 2022. Monica is the CEO and Founder of InnovatorsBox.

Monica describes herself as a curious child, a person who never stopped asking the questions that we all do as children, but somehow, unlike the rest of us who have lost the habit, Monica has kept it.

The first part of her career was just about as far away from being an entrepreneur as a person could get. She worked in the world of nuclear non-proliferation, ‘preventing the bad guys from spreading nuclear weapons around the world. In this space as a younger Asian-American women, she found herself constantly surrounded by white men. But she found the courage, the mentors and the belief to never be limited by others view of her identity.

After a great deal of s(e)oul searching, Monica decided a change was required. She began the switch to serial and serious entrepreneurship while authoring two children’s books and.

The InnovatorsBox helps its clients (re)discover the creativeness to drive cultural transformations and team development. Their research-based, interactive programs empower leaders to unlock their creative mindset and adapt to change so they can thrive in today’s complex world.

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